Benefits of styling your property

By Harmony Young & Robert Wu

What do we mean by Styling?

Before putting your home on the market, a stylist will install & arrange furniture & props that best suit your home. They will also de-clutter & de-personalise your home, which will make a good first impression, be more appealing & will make it easier for potential buyers to imagine themselves living in your home.

Why Styling?

Because styling makes a house feel like a home…

When a house is empty, especially if it is an older home, to potential buyers it will seem like a tired, cold property. The potential buyers won’t feel that the property is a home. When you style your home, potential buyers will truly see the potential of your home and sometimes they will ignore the negative details E.g. Outdated features, small living room, etc.

A well styled property  is more appealing and will make it easier for buyers to imagine themselves living in your home.

When should a property be styled?

A property should be styled when it is empty, messy, dirty, poorly decorated or outdated.

Benefits of Styling:

Faster sale
Better price
Small investment for a significant return
More bidders, offers & interested parties
Appeals to a wider market
Less stress
Better inspections
Removes buying stress
Assists you in getting ready to sell


Dear Catherine,

I would like to thank you for probably the most valuable suggestion we have been given towards preparing our father’s house for sale. When we first started to clean Dad’s house we thought a coat of paint and wipe over of his existing furniture would be sufficient. As we started to look at various other homes on the market we would notice some very nicely presented ones and just thought they must have really nice furniture to work with and that we would have to make do with what we had. Dad’s house is certainly of an older era and the furnishings reflected this. It wasn’t until you suggested to us the option to have the house professionally styled that we ever thought it even possible to have our house look like some of the other really smart ones on the market. At first the cost did feel excessive and we thought the money might have been better spent on other things around the house but as you explained it in relation to the auction it really is just one bid. 

Having just received the final professional photos of Dad’s house we are totally thrilled and blown away with how impressive the house is, the presentation is so much more than we could ever have imagined achieving doing it ourselves and it has brought the entire appeal of the house into the present day era. We truly now feel proud our house and feel it is worthy of a good price, it is now in the league of some of the other homes we had admired ourselves on the market. Our only wish is that our parents could have seen how amazing the house now looks. Certainly we haven’t got a final result yet but at least we can say we did our very best to achieve the true value of the property. I am confident with both Dennis and your expertise we will soon see this come to realisation. If I am ever asked I would certainly strongly recommend to anyone to consider getting the house styled it makes such a huge difference, and is probably the single most impressive thing you can do to prepare a house for sale.

Thanking you,

Margaret Vincent

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