Claudia Bedford

Department Head of Property Management

With 20 years experience in the property management industry, Claudia Bedford has a reputation of being highly knowledgeable, professional and enthusiastic and takes immense pride in her work. Claudia has exceptional negotiating skills and embraces any challenge to achieve the best possible result and outcome for her team and clients.

Claudia loves working with people and takes immense pride in her work and her team which with her leadership skills and training has managed a very successful team.

As a team leader, Claudia's priority is to ensure that every client receives a high level of service. With her positive attitude, passion and relentless determination she leads her team into assurance of excellent outcomes on every task. What ever task arises be it complex or small Claudia deals with them in a professional and timely manner with respect for all parties involved.

Claudia is highly organised and efficient which is necessary being a mother to her two daughters. Outside of work Claudia is passionate about her family and is a committed dancer and actress with the local theater and dance companies. Living in the UK and working in London previously, she is intrigued by the history of the United Kingdom and and enjoys learning and teaching her children about the monarchs of the UK.